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Professional Services

We tackle a variety of work places and situations. Residential is always a pleasure as we regularly manage to make long-standing friendships with our new customers. And there is equally enough time for the larger commercial jobs such as hotels, restaurants, stores and churches.
See if we can help you with any of the variety of services we offer below! 



  • Mention you saw our website, and as a first-time customer,
    you will receive A $99 deal on 3 rooms... up to 350 sq ft. 

  • We accept Credit Cards    






Experienced and Meticulous

Having the work ethics of a former 1976 Olympian, Joe Sade knows how to work, and to work well. He's never satisfied until you are satisfied. Should stubborn stains return, so will he. There are no surprise charges, you will know in advance how much the job will be, and there is always a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Expert Service

We have the skills necessary to tackle just about every type of fabric your furniture presents.  We will always test your fabric to ensure there will be no bleeding or discoloration, applying just the right amount of heat and pressure to leave your fabric as fresh and unstressed as possible. Let us brighten your furniture!


Cabins and  


Churches, Hotels and Commercial

Going the Extra Mile

We travel roads through forest and fields to arrive at your favorite hunting camp or vacationing cabin. We are very concerned that you are satisfied with our work and will go the extra mile to please you. Let's make your vacation home ready for sport or relaxation.

Fully Insured

We have the right set of skills necessary to tackle just about every type of job that comes our way. We have discounts for churches as well as businesses that have a large quantity of square footage to clean. Why, in our business, cleanliness can very will be next to godliness!




Pet and Other 
Stain Removal

Aiming to Please

We are committed to getting the job done well, even when it comes to recreational vehicles, boats, and autos. Using your car pretty much every day, it is an extension of your home and your life, so lets make
it as pleasant an environment for you as we can.

Fresh and Bright

We love our pets even more than our
furniture, but let's keep both of them happy!

Everyone loves to feel welcomed by furniture

that is free of stains, pet hair, and pet odors.





Specialized Service

We have had many opportunities to clean a great variety of large and small area rugs, including those gorgeous  - but delicate - Oriental Rugs. These require special attention and we know what it takes to make them come clean. Always tested before cleaning, we ensure a job well done, eliminating the horrible color bleeds no one wants to experience.


Linoleum floors need special attention and Joe has the right equipment and supplies to make yours shine!
Let's make that floor dance-ready!

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